A web series + a campaign on a mission...

to help change the stories around who and what is "worth" investment.



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Filmmaking for a cause

Hosted by the creators of BETA

Carley Marcelle (Delta) + Adriana Leonard (Lini).

#BETAIN Real Talks: Conversations on Women’s Empowerment in Technology + Entertainment

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Do you want to see more women leading in tech? 


Join the #BETAIN Real Talks where women talk to women about how to empower more women to lead in the tech industry. Hosted by the creators of BETA the series, a fictional series about how two very different women learn how to empower each other to lead in the tech industry.


Join the #BETAIN "Real Talks" this summer building up to the  #BETAIN "Big Talk" and the online premiere screening of BETA the series. Premiere date coming soon!

BETAIN Real Talks Empowering Women in Te

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