A web series + a campaign on a mission...

to help change the stories around who and what is "worth" investment.




A unique virtual event bringing together tech and entertainment leaders to discuss women's empowerment followed the premiere online screening of BETA the web series. 



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ALPHA OUT 08.01.2020


Hosted by the creators of BETA

Carley Marcelle (Delta) + Adriana Leonard (Lini).

#BETAIN Between Fiction + Reality: Conversations on Women’s Empowerment in Technology + Entertainment


Followed by the online premiere screening of BETA the web series!


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What is #BETAIN?

#BETAIN is a unique virtual premiere event to be hosted on Crowdcast as a joint production between the Matutine Network, Peanut Productions, and our sponsors. We will bring together disruptive leaders in entertainment and technology to talk about women’s empowerment and how to influence who writes the future. 


After the event, BETA the web series will be released to the public.

Testing their way to gamechangers.

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