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The Team

—  Who’s on team BETA? Meet the people who have helped bring BETA to life.


The BETA Team

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Carley Marcelle Madi

—  Series Creator, Writer, Actor, Producer, Director

Carley Marcelle Madi is a future-obsessed creative who loves stories, conversations and designing solutions. She has worked and trained as an actor, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, a marketing director, a change management consultant, a business strategist, and an industrial organizational specialist. She is committed to exploring stories that inspire hearts and minds to question the present and reimagine the future. Visit web.

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Adriana Leonard

—  Series Creator, Writer, Actor, Producer, Director

Adriana deems herself a content creator and storyteller, acting in film and television as well as writing and producing a number of independent projects. Her passion is providing a voice and artistic medium to facilitate content that evokes progressive change and inspires higher level consciousness.  Visit web.


Calli Ryals

—  Director

Calli Ryals is a performer, comedian, and filmmaker, living in both Chicago and Los Angeles.  She’s a graduate of the  Harold Ramis Film School for Comedy at the Second City Chicago. 


Sarada Duvvuri

—  Producer

Sarada Duvvuri is a veteran film and television producer. In her decade of industry experience, she has helped produce over 130 hours of television for a vast array of networks, including the History Channel, Discovery Channel, A+E, HBO, Animal Planet, TV One and Travel Channel.

In addition, Sarada has a prolific scripted resume that includes a number of short films and music videos. Most notably, she served as production manager for acclaimed director, Alexander Paynes’ short film, “L Train”. She also produced a 7-part web series, "Single Long" for HBO Go, featuring some of Chicago’s top young comedians.

Her most recent work has been as the Line Producer for the second season of A+E's culinary debut, "Scraps".


Patrick Wimp

—  Executive Producer

Patrick Wimp is an award-winning writer and producer based in Chicago. His life experiences as a bi-racial person have built a creative voice that speaks in many forms, and embraces nuance in social class and ethnicity. Patrick’s work celebrates outcasts and he is fascinated by the endless complexity of human identity.

 Patrick is the co-founder of the Chicago-based production company Digital Hydra. Through his company, Pat has written, shot, and produced international TV series, independent films, digital series, TV pilots, and commercial work for major brands like Nike, Facebook, and McDonalds. His work has screened on international networks as well as cable and VOD platforms, including Comcast and Amazon. 

Pat has made films in Europe, the Middle East, and all across the United States. Patrick's works has exhibited and been awarded at the Chicago International TV Festival, New York Television Festival, Cannes International Short Film Corner, and dozens of other festivals around the globe. In 2017, Pat was awarded Best Writer at SeriesFest Season 3 and Best of Fest at the HBO sponsored International Television Festival, for his work as the writer and co-creator of the indie TV pilot, “Public Housing Unit.” Pat was also named to the 2018 Reel Chicago Blacklist – a celebration of innovative African-American filmmakers in Chicago.