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about BETA

A note from the BETA creators....

Change starts with stories, and we don’t have mainstream stories about women leading entrepreneurial ventures, especially in one of the most powerful industries in today's world: technology. We also don't have enough stories about the challenges women face working together and navigating the complexities of modern day feminism... 

Enter BETA.

This is a show that aims to nurture what we believe to be a critical dialogue about women's leadership contributions and the role those contributions play in the shaping of our future. This streaming series is a teaser to demonstrate the power of this dynamic character duo and the story that we want to bring to life for mainstream audiences. To help ignite the conversation and bridge the gap between fiction and reality, we decided to launch a full campaign and premiere event called #BETAIN.

We hope you'll join us!

Carley (Delta) + Adriana (Lini)
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About BETA

About BETA the Series

A comedy-drama web series about how an odd ball pair of millennial women decide to join forces and become game-changers in tech innovation.

Angelina “Lini” is-- was-- Delta’s assistant. But now they’re… TBD. After Delta finds out her soul-sucking corporate consulting job is officially a dead end, Lini convinces her to pursue her daydream of becoming an “entrepreneur.” What begins as a strange work dynamic between an odd couple eventually grows into two women recognizing the best (and the worst) in each other, and deciding that they’re stronger as a team, in both life and business.


From the grind of startup culture, to gender dynamics in business, to a deep look at the complexities of millennial female identity and women’s relationships, BETA dives in with heart, sass, and a quirky sense of humor. Narrated by Lini as she writes her blog, the full series arc of BETA reveals the journey of Lini’s life-changing friendship with a woman named Delta, and the trials and tribulations of going from young housewife in Chicago’s North Shore to tech industry elite.

Check out behind the scenes and more in our full gallery!

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