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Do you want to see more women leading in tech? 


Join the #BETAIN Real Talks where women talk to women about how to empower more women to lead in the tech industry. Hosted by the creators of BETA the series, a fictional series about how two very different women learn how to empower each other to lead in the tech industry.


Join the #BETAIN "Real Talks" this summer building up to the  #BETAIN "Big Talk" and the online premiere screening of BETA the series in September 2020.

Adriana Leonard

BETAIN Real Talks Women in Tech Empoweri

Adriana Leonard

Empowering Diverse Founders

LIVE Wednesday June 17th @ 3 CST

Join our premiere episode of #BETAIN "Real Talks" featuring change-making force Shila Nieves Burney of Zane Venture Fund and Umama Kibria health/fitness queen Forbes 30 under 30 Co-Founder of Sweatpack.


If you want to learn more about what it's like to be a female founder and how to empower more diverse founders in tech, WATCH HERE!


Real Talks

Adriana Leonard

BETAIN Real Talks Women in Tech Empowerm

Adriana Leonard

Career Paths + Planning

LIVE Wednesday June 24th @ 3 CST

On this week's episode the BETA gals, Carley and Adriana, "real talk" with women leaders at Chicago startup project44 about navigating career paths and venture funds. Panelists include Ally Lynch SVP Marketing at project44, Michelle Mesina VP People at project44, Lindsay Knight Director of Platform at Chicago Ventures, and Vikki Caruso SVP People at Clearcover.



Who is worth the investment?

LIVE Wednesday July 8th @ 3pm CST

On this week's episode the BETA gals, Carley and Adriana, "real talk" with Angel Pu, Vice President of venture capital firm Warburg Pincus, to talk money.
As founders or even freelancers and producers... We all have to sell a vision and demonstrate that our creation or solution is "worth" investment. That WE are worth big time investment. But how? How can we help investors go on a journey with us? And honestly, is it different for #women? Join us as we discuss what it's like being a woman in #venture, being a #founder, and successfully partnering with #vc




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